Provides an evaluation of the services, training, technology, and environmental modifications needed to assist persons with disabilities in living more independently. HSO uses a variety of assessment tools, home visits, and disability resources in working jointly with consumers, family, and referral sources to establish a plan for an optimally independent and satisfying life.
Independent Living Assessment
Case Management
Provides professional coordination of services and a single point of contact to consumers while working toward independent living plan goals.
This service is appropriate when relatives or others notice a decline in functioning that affects the safety, financial assets, or welfare of an elder, and there is concern that guardianship or other care and protective arrangements may be needed. We assess capacity of the individual to independently care for and make decisions about self and property. We can then estimate capacities in standard areas consistent with state law and make recommendations regarding guardianship or alternative options. We can also make recommendations for ongoing care and services to maintain maximum independence in daily living.
Competency Assessment and Planning
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