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Reliably Estimate DOT Job Numbers with the Job Estimator Tool (JET)
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Frequently Asked Questions
The Job Estimator Tool (JET) is a simple calculator which provides the user with a consistent, standard method for estimating numbers of local, state, and national jobs for occupations listed in the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT). It summarizes information from multiple data sources and can be particularly useful for Social Security Vocational Experts when responding to questions regarding reliability, validity, and methodology of job numbers.
A trial version of this MS Excel based program is available for downloading. Detailed instructions for use can also be downloaded. Note that you must have MS Excel (all versions should work) on your computer in order to use the JET.
The trial version includes an Excel workbook with 2 worksheets. One shows an example of completed data for the occupation of receptionist. The other is a sample blank worksheet that can be used with the detailed instructions to create jobs data for any DOT occupation chosen by the user.  
The full version of the JET includes an Excel workbook with 20 blank worksheets, each of which can be saved after completion.

A JET workbook with 20 blank worksheets and instructions for completion can be purchased from HSO for $19.95. Each worksheet has a new JET matrix and can be accessed by clicking on the tab at the bottom of the workbook. Thus, data for 20 different DOT occupations can be entered and saved in a single workbook.

 If you have questions about the JET or wish to order the JET blank workbook, please call us at (727) 784-7650 or e-mail with subject line “JET” to hso@mindspring.com.

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