Environmental Best-Fit Worksheet

Best-Fit Worksheet

Name of Organization:

Instructions: Complete the form in pencil after pre-interview research. Then make corrections after the interviews.

          1.     For each Component, write in any Aspects of that Component that if present would help you optimize your best skills and interests in this organization’s environment. Make reference to details in items 1-7 in this chapter.

2.   After completing 1 above, paying special attention to the Aspects you cited for each Component, check one box a-e representing your level of fit to this organization as follows:

a – No fit

b – Limited fit

c – Adequate

d – High fit

e – Close to perfect fit

3.   Highlight the three most important components to you.

4.   Consider this a best fit organization if you scored each of the three most important components in the d or e category, after completing your interview(s).


Aspects of components that will support optimizing your best skills and interests






Similarity of interests to those with whom you would work


Organization culture






Team(s) with whom you would work






Nature and style of supervision












Physical environment






Company size






Other – specify







Best Fit Worksheet Notes

Name of Organization:

Pre-interview research notes:






Questions for interview:






Post interview notes: