Our Prices

Free Consultation

Half-hour phone meeting for you to explain your career issues, and for us to explain our services, provide brief assistance, and see if we can help you further.

Executive and Professional Resume Consulting and Writing

Can include review and suggestions about updating an existing resume or curriculum vitae, to formulating and writing one or more versions of a new one. Price varies by time required. Estimate can be made during free consultation.

Career Planning, Counseling, and Coaching

One hour initial assessment by phone, video, or in-person - $109

Purpose is to review your background, skills, interests, and other factors impacting on your career moving forward. By the end of this comprehensive session we will set goals for further career consulting if needed; OR you will resolve your career issues during this one session; OR you will be provided the guidance and resources to resolve your career issues on your own. Includes a FREE copy of the new Pandemic/Post-Pandemic edition of Dr. Steven Simon's self help book, "RELAUNCH! Stagnation, Change and Renewal in Mid-Career and Beyond."

One hour consulting or coaching session by phone, video, or in-person - $109

Half hour consulting or coaching session by phone, video, or in-person - $59

Career Assessments and Testing


Accurately identifying skills, including "hidden", and transferable skills is crucial to searching for compatible jobs or a new career. Effectively articulating them is important to presenting a great impression in resumes and job interviews. We are experts in skills identification and presentation.

Basic Skills Assessment - $125

Uses professionally developed checklist questionnaires to assess general "soft" skills associated with different careers and education curricula. Includes half hour meeting with career consultant to discuss results. Current employers are often very interested in hiring candidates with the soft skills needed to function effectively in a variety of roles.

Hidden Skills Assessment: Self assisted - $150, including workbook

In-depth assessment of all general "soft" and specific "hard" skills that are unique to your background. This brings into focus all your skills, including those you do not readily realize you have, and articulates them in writing. The final inventory is very useful in deciding on which jobs to apply for, modifying the skills listed on your resume to meet general and specific job requirements, and for preparing before job interviews.

Transferable Skills Match - $100-$250

Career consultant uses special software to extract occupations to which your past jobs transfer. This is an add-on service to the Basic Skills Assessment or the Hidden Skills Assessment. It can speed up the job search process and open your eyes to new career possibilities that require little or no added preparation.


Professionally validated Career Interest Inventories clarify the types of work you will most enjoy.

Brief Self Assessment - FREE*

Uses a short, validated interest inventory you can take online. It measures your personality type related to career interests.

Comprehensive Interest Assessment - $149

These highly researched inventories measure 3 factors: personality type related to your interests; preferences for specific categories of work; and most importantly how your pattern of interests compares to the patterns of those who are satisfied or dissatisfied over time in over 100 different occupations. Includes a detailed interpretive report and a half-hour follow-up career consulting session.

Job Finding Assistance

Job Finding Coaching: FREE* to $65 per half hour session as needed*

* Must have book to accompany brief guidance from career consultant. Book is FREE with Initial Assessment. Otherwise purchase separately through one of our distributors or Our Book Website.