Our Prices

Consulting and Coaching

Half hour phone consultation – FREE

To provide brief assistance, explain our services, and see if we can help further.

One hour initial assessment by phone, video, or in-person - $119

Purpose is to review your background, skills, interests, and other factors impacting on your career moving forward. By the end of this comprehensive session we will set goals for further career consulting if needed; OR you will resolve your career issues during this one session; OR you will be provided the guidance and resources to resolve your career issues on your own. Includes a FREE copy of the new Pandemic/Post-Pandemic edition of Dr. Steven Simon's self help book, "RELAUNCH! Stagnation, Change and Renewal in Mid-Career and Beyond."

One hour consulting or coaching session by phone, video, or in-person - $109

Half hour consulting or coaching session by phone, video, or in-person - $59

Email consulting or coaching session – $9 per 5 minutes of Consultant response time

Note: There is no charge for reading emails or for a follow-up email to clarify your request. Response time includes time for formulating a response and research if necessary. Typical emails on substantive issues cost $36-$72.

Career Assessments and Testing

Hidden Skills Assessment: Self assisted - $135*, including workbook; Consultant guided - $295

Transferable Skills Analysis: $395

This service is very useful if you are considering a job change. Uses automated analysis, current labor market information, and consultant expertise to associate your strongest skills, including hidden skills, with different types of jobs. Requires that you also complete the self-assisted hidden skills assessment which is included in the price.

Career Interests Assessment: Brief self assisted - FREE*; Comprehensive - $135 or $195 - See Note

Note: The $195 service can be used when the free consultation indicates comprehensive interest assessment is the only service needed. As a stand alone service it includes online testing, an interpretive profile, and a 45 minute interactive session to discuss the results and determine alternative occupations to explore further. The book is included in the price and is used during the session to suggest the best information sources for exploring and expanding the list of occupations to consider. Completion of registration and online background information forms is required to provide the career consultant context for relating the results to your situation.

Miscellaneous testing: Discuss with career consultant

Job Finding Assistance

Best-Fit Job Environment Assistance: FREE*

Resume Preparation: FREE* to $195

Job Finding Coaching: FREE* to $59 per half hour session as needed

* Must have book to accompany brief guidance from career consultant. Book is FREE with Initial Assessment and stand alone Comprehensive Career Interest Assessment. Otherwise purchase separately through Our Book Website.