Who We Are

Partnership is at the heart of everything Human Services Outcomes does.

Over the years, we’ve partnered with other organizations and individuals, listening carefully and finding a way to maximize the benefits for everyone involved.

In a nutshell, HSO helps people find fulfilling careers. Dr. Steven Simon, founder, has devoted most of his life to working with people as they explore the possibilities for meaningful work, develop career plans and carry them out.

In 1997, HSO began by forming partnerships with nonprofit organizations throughout the country to provide contracted career and vocational rehabilitation services to our military veterans.

As time passed and the Great Recession changed the landscape of job creation, Dr. Simon steered HSO towards helping skilled workers and professionals of all backgrounds find better jobs. Today, HSO partners directly with those with skilled and professional backgrounds who seek to find passion and meaningfulness in their work. Some are looking to change from an unsatisfactory career or job, some wish to bring more meaning into their lives by resuming a career after a break, and some need help finding the right job.

And the best part! You can work with HSO from anywhere! HSO is a pioneer in “distance services” for career consulting.

“With the new and evolving website, the focus of the company has shifted to providing career and job consulting services, and vocational rehabilitation assistance, to the general public nationwide through email, phone and video communications. Research shows that these modalities can be as effective as or better than providing counseling and consulting through traditional face to face services.” Dr. Simon explains.

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Consultant Qualifications and Company Information

When you work with HSO, you know you're getting the best quality of service available.

HSO career services are provided by professional, qualified consultants. HSO only hires career and rehabilitation consultants who are master's or doctoral level trained with extensive experience in their respective areas of service. Consultants have professional credentials in counseling and in specialties such as career assessment, job placement, transferable skills analysis, and vocational rehabilitation.

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