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Consulting Services

These are interactive meetings by phone, video, email, or sometimes in person. They serve as the foundation for the relationship with your Career Consultant. Consulting sessions are done at the beginning of services to discuss your career concerns and set goals for what you want to achieve. They are then used to supplement other services and throughout the process to discuss, clarify, coach, educate and otherwise help you make good decisions and move forward. Click here to see prices for consulting services.

Specialized Services

The following services are tailored to help you find the “sweetspot” where your best skills, interests, and best-fit work environment intersect with a job or career….and to help you land that job. To find out more about how this works, watch the video or read our short blog about the “intersection principle”.

Identifying Job Skills

These services are for those who have a skilled or professional background and want to select a new career or job, re-enter a career, or wish to document skills in resumes or be ready to discuss them in job interviews. Our Hidden Skills Analysis (HSA) can identify and document strong skills which are forgotten or not readily evident. These are of great value for adding depth to your resume, and successfully applying for and interviewing for positions.Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA) helps you find jobs outside your usual field with little or no additional preparation. Click here to see prices.

Assessing Career and Job Interests

Your strongest Interests can be assessed through standardized interest inventories. We can guide you through a self-assessment using low cost or free testing resources. Our full assessments use established, well researched interest inventories that are administered and scored online, with immediate retrieval of results, including advanced interpretive information for you and your career consultant. Click here to see prices.

Identifying New Careers and Jobs

Considering your strongest skills and interests in combination with other background information, we can help you make decisions regarding a new career or job for which you can feel passion and meaning. We can also help with selecting education or training for new careers or to enhance the skills and qualifications you already have. We provide career guidance and help with decision making through consulting sessions. Click here for prices.

Finding Jobs

We provide all services you need to find a job. We can do a best-fit environment assessment to determine the context in which you will function best. This can include the industry, types of people with whom you work or interact best, your preferred communication style within an organization, preference for working alone or in groups, or any other context factors that could facilitate a sense of passion for or meaningfulness in what you do. Using consulting services we then help you with the social media and other tools and coaching to locate employers and jobs that are consistent with your best skills and interests, your best-fit work environment and any other things of concern to you, such as salary and advancement potential. We help you focus on the “hidden job market” to increase your chances of finding great  opportunities not publicized on popular job boards. We can assist you with writing the best resume for your needs, and coach you through the application and interview process until you get a job. Click here to see job finding and consulting services prices.

Vocational Rehabilitation

If you have a skilled or professional background and want to consider a job change or a new career because of physical or emotional barriers, we can help you move on to another type of work through which you can find passion and meaning. We evaluate your situation and job or career options using interviews, medical information, testing, job exploration tools, and job placement help. Vocational rehabilitation services are provided through consulting sessions by phone, video, and/or email and through all other services described above. The approach is to help you find the intersection of your best skills, your strongest interests, the best-fit environment for you, and the job opportunities that will allow you to achieve or resume a fulfilling career regardless of the limitations of your disability or impairments. If because of your circumstances services must be provided in-person and you do not live near one of our locations, we will attempt to refer you to a local provider. Click here to see prices for the different services.