Find a School


Quickly find a list of the best colleges for you.  You can input preferences or requirements, such as available majors, region, tuition and other criteria.  You can compare schools too.

College Navigator

This U.S. Department of Education website has a college selector that will provide a list of schools based on your preferences and requirements. You can also use the "more search options" selection to limit your search to schools that would consider a specific range of SAT and ACT scores. A variety of other unique specifiers including tuition limits can also be set by the user.  You can search for institutions in any combination of states and U.S. territories.

This website is a college search website that also provides the ability to apply for admission online and find information on financial aid.  It ncludes a review of the best colleges as ranked by students.


Aside from giving standard college information and services, this website provides a quickly accessible, brief college profile that includes average SAT and ACT scores, as well as admission difficulty (including percent of applicants admitted).

College Rankings

This link provides the latest US News and World Report rankings of colleges and schools, by category.  It also includes rankings by major, plus a wealth of other information for searching out an appropriate school, as well as scholarship search assistance.

America’s Best Graduate Schools

US News and World Report rankings of graduate schools by area of study, plus numerous search tools.

Finding a Trade School, Training or Certification Program

Search for long and short term training programs by type and location, as well as certification. This website has extensive, easy to use training and education related links.

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