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Professional Help in Finding Your Work Passion!

We are committed to helping you find passion and meaningfulness in your work.

How do we do that? When you are considering a new career or job change, we provide the assessment, consulting, coaching, and guidance to find the “sweetspot” where your best skills, strongest interests, and best-fit work environments intersect.

We then help you do a search for the right jobs and employers, often in the hidden job market….or maybe even with your current employer. Finally, we can guide you through getting the job, or in becoming self-employed.

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Why Use HSO’s Career Services Program?

  • Our consultants have advanced degrees in professional counseling with specialization in career issues.
  • Consultants are highly experienced in providing “best practice” career and job finding services.
  • All consultants have training in and experience with impairing and disabling conditions that impact on work.
  • You can receive services at convenient times from any location through phone, video, and email.