Identifying New Careers and Jobs

Identifying New Careers and Jobs

Consulting for Career/Job Exploration

These are direct interactions for the purpose of exploring careers and jobs that are consistent with your strongest skills and interests. Includes assistance with systematically finding and using the right information to expand and narrow options, and then to make a final choice. Includes exploration of education and training options and any other assistance with decision making regarding career or job choice. Services also cover Consultant or Assistant time in researching job related information outside of consulting sessions, if necessary.

Consult by phone or video – $50 per 30 minute session

Consult by e-mail – $8 per 5 minutes of Consultant response time

Note: There is no charge for reading e-mails or for a follow-up e-mail to clarify your request. Response time includes time for formulating a response and research if necessary. Typical e-mails on substantive issues take 20-40 minutes.

If special research is requested between sessions – $8 per 5 minutes Consultant/$3 per 5 minutes Assistant time