Job Finding Serviices

Job Finding Services

Consulting for Job Finding

These are direct interactions for the purpose of learning how to do a job search, locating appropriate employers and jobs, navigating the hidden job market, help with using social media in job search, resume development and preparation (unless provided in a package service), help with applying for jobs, help in preparing for job interviews and post-interview actions, coaching during the job search, and post employment coaching to assure adjustment and retention of the job. These fees also cover Consultant or Assistant time in researching job related information outside of consulting sessions, if necessary.

Consult by phone or video – $50 per 30 minute session

Consult by e-mail – $8 per 5 minutes of Consultant response time

Note: There is no charge for reading e-mails or for a follow-up e-mail to clarify your request. Response time includes time for formulating a response and research if necessary. Typical e-mails on substantive issues take 20-40 minutes.

If special research is requested between sessions – $8 per 5 minutes Consultant/$3 per 5 minutes Assistant time

Write Resume for You – $195

Includes your completion of a background information form, ½ hour phone session to clarify background and the types of jobs for which you are applying, review of resume you have already written (if any), writing a general resume for you and recommendations for modifying the resume for targeting specific jobs.

Review Resume You’ve Written and Make Suggestions – $95

Includes ½ hour phone session for discussion and clarification

“Resume Preparation and Job Clarification” Package – $349

Who Can Benefit: Many people who request help preparing a resume are also uncertain about the type of job they really want or their overall career direction. This package is valuable if you want help with preparation of a resume, but you are also not exactly sure of what type of job you are targeting.

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“Full Transferable Skills” Package – $749

Who Can Benefit: This package is for those who have a long, skilled job history and are looking to move into a new job after job loss or layoff, or to a new more satisfying career that uses the many skills developed. It is particularly useful for those in mid to late-career who will need to demonstrate strong and varied skills to be highly competitive with younger job applicants.

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