Military Transitions

Browse essential job finding advice specifically for veterans and find assistance. This website includes a full range of links related to getting a job, including job listings. Advice on avoiding job scams, surviving lay offs, most popular careers by state, and a guide to career change is included.

Hire a Hero

Use this site to go directly to job listings and post resumes. Search for jobs by city or state.

Transfer Military Skills to Civilian Careers

Find civilian occupations that are like your military job.  Insert the military classification or code of a job you performed and comparable civiian occupations will be displayed

Resume Writing - Best Practices for Veterans

If you've recently been in the military, you are familiar with military language and a military style of communication. This concise article advises on how to present your background and skills in a way that civilian employers will understand.

VA Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program

If you have a service connected disability and meet eligibility/entitlement requirements, this program can provide training, education, financial support and professional services to help you achieve employment or self employment. If you are found unable to work, you may be able to receive services and equipment to achieve more independence in your life.


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