Policies and Limitation on Free Services

Policies and Limitations

General – A free (no cost) response will be made to your first career question, request for career related information, request for assistance with self resources, or other career consultation using our contact form, e-mail or phone. All responses about general services, service procedures, or responses to questions regarding your service needs are always free (no cost).

Scope of Free Responses – In some instances, the scope of the request or consultation may encompass more than one issue or require extensive research. If that is the case, we will inform you of what can be done as a free service and the fee to complete the full request or consultation. 

Limitations on Free Responses – Once you receive one free e-mail response to a career assistance question or request for information, or one phone consultation, all future services will be on a paid basis. Thus, for example, if you receive a free e-mail response, you cannot also receive a free phone consult. This works the other way as well. If you receive a free phone consult, you cannot also receive a free e-mail response to a career assistance question or request for information. As noted in the General section above, this does not apply to responses or phone discussions about general services, service procedues or responses to questions about your service needs.

Secure e-mail –  If you wish your e-mail communications and ours to be encrypted for a high level of security, inform us in your first communication. We will provide instructions about how to do this through a free encryption e-mail service, before we start exchanging e-mails about your career. Although there is usually a very small chance that others would intercept e-mails, Human Services Outcomes, Inc. will not be liable for any damages you incur if that should happen, or if others gain access to your e-mails through other means.

Texting and Instant Messaging – These are not used due to inadequate security.

Terms of Service and Informed Consent – Our Terms of Service and Informed Consent Agreement apples to all services provided by Human Services Outcomes, Inc. You should read this document before receiving free services. If you have questions or concerns about any of these terms, contact us before you receive services.