Pricing Restructured 2 6-14-16

Consulting Services

These are direct interactions to provide help with a variety of career and job issues. These services also cover professional assistance in researching job related information.

Consult by phone or video – $50 per 30 minute session

Consult by e-mail – $8 per 5 minutes of Consultant response time

Note: There is no charge for reading e-mails or for a follow-up e-mail to clarify your request. Response time includes time for formulating a response and research if necessary. Typical e-mails on substantive issues take 20-40 minutes.

If special research is requested between phone or video sessions – $8 per 5 minutes Consultant/$3 per 5 minutes Assistant time.

Hidden Skills Assessment (HSA)

Basic Hidden Skills Assessment (HSA)$145
Includes a self-completed exercise and coaching to identify your skills, including hidden skills, and those at which you excel and are most interested in using.* 

* Additional consulting fees will apply if phone, video, or in-person coaching exceeds one 30 minute session.

Comprehensive Hidden Skills Assessment (HSA)$245
An intensive process of exercises plus phone, video, or in-person consultation to tease out all skills, particularly those you might not ordinarily remember in a Basic Skills Assessment. All consulting time for this service is included.

For all hidden skills assessments, your career consultant will coach you in preparing a list of skills in resume-ready format. You will be able to pick and choose skills from the list to include in resumes for different job applications and to prepare for interviews.

Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA)

Computerized Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA) –  $195
Identifies new jobs to which your skills transfer with limited or no further training.  In this service we use your current and past jobs to generate a computerized TSA. 

Comprehensive Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA) Combination $425 
Combines a Comprehensive Hidden Skills Assessment plus a Computerized Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA). By combining assessments, the list of new jobs can be expanded and more personalized to your specific best skills. 

Assessing Career and Job Interests

Guided Self-Assessment $80
Your career consultant will direct you to a test of basic interests that you can take online followed by a 30 minute consulting session to help with interpreting the results.

Full Assessment$130
The best interest inventory for your unique situation will be selected by your career consultant and administered to you online. A full written interpretive profile will be provided as well as a 30 minute consulting session to discuss the results and career implications.

Job Finding Services

Best-Fit Environment Assessment – $50
Includes a review of factors in the workplace which are important for you to thrive as a worker, such as types of people with whom you interact best, your preferred communication style, whether you work better alone or in groups, your preferred supervision style etc. This information can then be used in a targeted job search.

Resume Preparation – $50 – $195
Assistance with reviewing, writing, or rewriting a basic resume, with advice for modifying resumes for different job applications.

Finding Job OpportunitiesSee prices for Consulting Services
Consulting and coaching to target hidden job opportunities and land a job consistent with your best skills, interests, and best-fit environment.

Discounted Service Packages

These packages combine individual services and provide discounted consulting time to help you put all of the information together, explore possible choices, and make good career decisions.

“Reimagining Your Career” Package – $395

Who Can Benefit: This package will help if you’ve been in a career or series of related jobs and are unsatisfied or feel no sense of meaning or excitement about what you do. You want a totally new career and job you would really love, but are unsure what that might be.

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“Career Modifier” Package – $495

Who can benefit: This package is appropriate if you would like to change to a different job or career that you feel more passionate about, that has less physical or mental demands, or is otherwise more suitable for you. However, you want a job that has similarities to your prior work and doesn’t require much, if any, added education or training.

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Miscellaneous Testing

Prices dependent upon test(s) used – Discuss with Career Consultant

Customized Services for Employers

Contact Steven Simon, Ph.D., HSO President at Individual services or discounted customized packages can be provided by contract or individual arrangements.