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“Career Changers” Package

Description: This package focuses both on assessing your interests and assessing how the skills from your past jobs transfer to jobs and careers that are a better fit for you.

Results you can expect: You will be ready to make decisions about a different job to pursue or change your career to one that uses skills you already have.

What is included?

  • You will complete a detailed background information form to help your Career Consultant understand your work history, education, and other factors that will impact your job or career choice.
  • You and your Career Consultant will have a ½ hour phone or video meeting to clarify what you would like to accomplish by changing your job or career.
  • You will complete a comprehensive career interest inventory and assessment to identify the occupations that match most closely with your interest pattern. Satisfied workers in different occupations have different overall patterns of interests. Your pattern of interests will be compared to those with patterns like yours who have found the most satisfaction in their work. We will also look at nuances in your general interest pattern that may suggest transitions to jobs similar to what you have been doing but at a different level or in different areas or specialties.
  • We will conduct a basic computerized analysis to identify occupations and jobs that use the skills and knowledge that have been used in your past and current work.
  • You and your Career Consultant will have a second ½ hour meeting to discuss the best jobs and career paths based on the inventory results, skills analysis, your background, and why you want to change your job or career.
  • Your Career Consultant will provide advice and resources you can use on your own to complete exploration and decision making about changed career paths, as well as for finding the specific jobs identified.