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"Career Modifier" Package

Description: This package focuses on assessing your hidden skills, emphasizing those that you do best and are most interested in using; your general interest pattern; and identifying jobs which are similar in skill requirements to the jobs you've already done. This information is combined to help you seek a job that will be lead in a more fulfilling and meaningful career direction without making a radical career change.

Results you can expect: You will be ready to make decisions about a different job to pursue or change your career to one that uses skills you already have.

What is included?

  • Basic Hidden Skills Assessment (HSA) - a self-assessment of your skills, including hidden skills, with coaching assistance from your career consultant. Of the skills you identify you will also determine the ones that you do best, and of those the ones you enjoy using most.
  • Full Assessment of career and job interests. You will complete a comprehensive career interest inventory to identify your general interest "types". These types correspond to the work environments of the occupations in which you will work most comfortably. 
  • Computerized Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA) - Based on your past jobs, this analysis identifies new jobs to which your skills transfer with limited or no further training.
  • You and your Career Consultant meet up to 90 minutes for coaching assistance with the basic hidden skills assessment, to discuss your interest inventory results, and to integrate the information from both assessments with occupations/jobs that were generated by the TSA.*
  • You will be provided with resources you can use on your own to complete exploration and decision making regarding pursuit of the career(s) identified.
  • You and your Career Consultant meet for up to an additional 30 minutes to finalize your new career direction and strategies for pursuit.*

* if additional time is needed, charges for consulting sessions will apply