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“Hidden Skills Transferability” Package

Description: This package will help you explore and articulate the specific skills you’ve developed, in jobs and other areas of your life that can be applied to a new job or career. Your Career Consultant will help you differentiate your strongest skills from those that are mediocre or weak. Your skills will then be articulated, organized, and documented by the Career Consultant and provided to you in writing to be used in resumes and in preparing for interviews. Your work history will be subjected to basic computerized transferable skills analysis, and used along with the hidden skills information to generate a list of potential jobs and careers to consider.

Results you can expect: A list of your overt and hidden skills written in resume-ready format and a list of potential jobs and careers which best match your strongest skills.

What is included?

  • You will complete a detailed background information form to help your Career Consultant understand your work history, education, and other factors that show overt skills and indications of potential hidden job skills
  • You and your Career Consultant will have a 1-2 hour phone or video meeting to extract hidden skills from your work, education, training, volunteer activities, hobbies, and in-home activities
  • We will conduct a basic computerized analysis of your jobs to identify occupations and jobs that use the skills and knowledge that are generally found in jobs like you have had. Further, we will modify and add jobs that are most consistent with your strong hidden skills.
  • We will provide a list of jobs to which your skills transfer in fields consistent with your background and any interest areas you have told us about.
  • We will provide a list of all of your job related skills in resume-ready format.
  • You will be provided with resources you can use on your own to complete exploration and decision making regarding pursuit of the jobs.