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“Full Transferable Skills” Package

Description: This is an interactive program of services in which you and your Career Consultant work together to the point of you being ready to land a new job. We use automated methods and discussion to do the most comprehensive assessment of your skills and the jobs to which they will transfer. Particular attention is paid to identifying jobs and organizations which are most amenable to the advantages of hiring highly experienced professionals, irrespective of age. We then provide you job seeking advice and resources, plus personal assistance with a plan for constructing your resume and using job search techniques that will have the greatest impact in finding new employment.

Results You Can Expect: Readiness to do a successful job search, resulting in interviews and targeted to jobs that match your strongest skills, interests, and best-fit environments.

What Is Included?

  • You will complete a detailed background information form to help your Career Consultant understand your work history, education, and other factors that elaborate on the areas in your life in which work related skills may have been developed, as well as your long term career interests.
  • You and your Career Consultant will have a 1-2 hour phone or video meeting to extract hidden skills from your work, education, training, volunteer activities, hobbies, and in-home activities. The Consultant will also explore the specific areas of your experience for which you have shown the most interest and passion, as well as the environments in which you work most effectively.
  • We will conduct a comprehensive computerized analysis of your jobs to identify occupations and jobs that use the skills and knowledge that are generally found in jobs like you have had. Your Career Consultant will modify and add jobs that are most consistent with your strong hidden skills.
  • Based on the analysis we will provide a list of jobs to which your strongest skills transfer in fields consistent with your background and interests.
  • We will provide a list of all of your job related skills in resume-ready format for use on resumes and to prepare for job interviews.
  • You will be provided resources you can use on your own to complete exploration and decision making regarding pursuit of the career(s), with assistance from your Career Consultant if needed.
  • We will make any recommendations for short term training or education to upgrade skills.
  • We will provide customized job search strategies for your situation and the jobs for which you will apply.