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"Reimagining Your Career" Package

Description: Many people choose a career for the wrong reasons. Then, after years of education, training, and jobs find that this is not what they really want to do. Similarly, some get "burned out" and lose interest. This package will help you consider careers that are more “ideal” in terms of finding new passion for and meaning in your career.

Results you can expect: You will identify new career/job options and be ready to make decisions about pursuing them.

What is included?

  • Comprehensive Hidden Skills Assessment - You will meet with your career consultant by phone, video, or in-person to tease out all skills, particularly focusing on hidden skills, i.e, those that you won't normally remember or never recognized. For the skills you identify, you will select the ones you do best, and of those the ones you enjoy using most.
  • Full Assessment of career and job interests. You will complete a comprehensive career interest inventory to identify the occupations that match most closely with your interest pattern. Satisfied workers in different occupations have different overall patterns of interests. Your pattern of interests will be compared to those with patterns like yours who have found the most satisfaction in their work.
  • You and your Career Consultant meet up to 60 minutes to discuss your interest inventory results, and integrate the information from both assessments.*
  • You will be provided with resources you can use on your own to complete exploration and decision making regarding pursuit of the career(s) identified.
  • You and your Career Consultant meet for up to an additional 30 minutes to finalize your new career direction and strategies for pursuit.*

* if consulting time is needed beyond a total of 90 minutes for this entire package, charges for additional consulting sessions will apply.