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“Resume Preparation and Job Clarification” Package

Description: This package focuses on providing career guidance while teaching you how to prepare resumes that will get interviews for the jobs you want. We work interactively in helping you create a general resume that can be modified to target specific jobs. Career guidance during this process helps you clarify the types of jobs you want to target, or even determine if you need to delve deeper into choosing a career path.

Results you can expect: You will clarify the types of jobs for which you want to apply, complete a general resume, be provided a resume format to put on your computer from which to modify the general resume for specific job applications, and be given a format for cover letters.

What is included?

  • You will complete a detailed background information form to help your Career Consultant understand your work history, education, skills, and other factors that will be used in resume development and that will impact your choice of job objective
  • You will submit any resumes that you have already constructed for review and analysis by your Career Consultant
  • You and your Career Consultant will have up to two ½ hour phone or video meetings to help you clarify job and career objectives and review resumes you have already done. Once job objectives have been clarified, your Career Consultant will make suggestions and provide a unique resume format for your specific situation along with any preparation advice
  • You will complete the resume based on the advice and format recommended and return it to your Career Consultant. The Career Consultant will review, consult with you by e-mail as necessary, and make any final changes with your concurrence.
  • You will be provided advice and a format for your computer to modify the resume for specific job applications.
  • You will be provided with a format to store on your computer for writing your cover letter.