Vocational Rehabilitation

Find the right work

Are you having difficulty performing your job due to injury, illness, or disability? Do you need to find another type of work? If so, vocational rehabilitation can help. We focus on helping experienced professionals find more suitable work and work settings. 

How we can help

Vocational Rehabilitation Assessment can assist individuals with physical or emotional barriers to develop a plan to find a new job, or to get retrained and reemployed. Assessment may also determine that you are unable to work due to disability.  In such cases we can help identify government financial or other benefits for which you may be eligible, and help you apply.

Transferable Skills Analysis identifies skills you’ve already developed and identifies new jobs you can be do with little or no additional training or experience.  Visit the Transferring Job Skills page for more information.

Job Services help you prepare your resume, locate good job opportunities, interview effectively, get employed, and keep jobs.

Our vocational rehabilitation services can be provided conveniently by e-mail, phone, or video.

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